The Truth and The Introduction..

Hello there, my name is BJ!

I have decided that life is not that fucking easy and shit isn’t always brighter on the other side, sometimes it plain out sucks and you have to get up and try again.  Feeling sorry for yourself or creating a reason for you not to do something is not the answer, get the fuck out of bed and put the coffee on!  As for the people that can survive with the sun gods making their lives more full and happy well good on you but no sun god is going to deliver the next roll of toilet paper to my household. So basically I am not going to blow any smoke up your ass and tell you otherwise
I also decided that in this blog I will be truthful in all sense including my feelings on other bloggers regarding single life in the city and encouraging quizzes to find out who your perfect dream mate is going to be. What a load of shit!  Ladies stop taking these ridiculous tests and start writing in a fucking journal.  That shit is not real, you are not going to marry a shy type who comes home early every god for sacking day and treats you like the goddess you are. THEY ARE FUCKING LIARS! That’s right I am calling you dream crushers out, this is not helping anyone!
I am a woman in my mid-30s in the city who does not have all the answers but every woman I know has their own set of problems from men to career to getting as skinny as humanly possible to losing their fucking minds, this is normal everyday shit.
Lets face it, dating in your 30s-40s is a complete nightmare.  First off you are older and have created morals (well most of us have) and the city is crawling with women in their prime 20s who are skinnier, younger and let face it are down with some fun in the sun if you know what I mean.  So lets say you meet a man and right away he is thinking one of two things, do I want this middle age ticking family making time bomb who has probably Pinterest her whole life from  the name of your children to the perfect home to vacations to her fucking wedding dress to pumpkin lattes or option two, a lady in her 20s ready to PARTY, no ties, no Pinterest and leaves the next frickin’ morning! Hmmmm decisions.
Well ladies, I say fuck their decision, these mid-age pricks can all go fuck themselves. Women you deserve better and I am not saying all men are like this because they are not but let’s not give the ones that are a fucking breathing chance.  Stick your middle finger up at these losers and walk the fuck out, stop being nice and start wearing your brass balls.  Also stop grading yourself against other women, we were all born with different shape bodies and our packages all have something us women need to fix, this female instinct is never going to change but stop sizing up the ladies and start having each others backs.  Some of these douche-nozzles do not deserve our time or respect and in some manner I think we have created this idiotic monsters.
Women in there 30s are also figuring out their next chapter, mostly when it comes to baby making and family! As for me I did not want to have little aliens growing in my body and when I met my life mate he was down with my plan but had also already created two amazing small humans which I get to be apart of their lives and they get to enjoy how fucking cool and amazing I am. Win-win in this situation 🙂  I will also add this was not an easy decision because there is a whole load of shit that comes with this package which I will get into on another blog reading STEP PERSON AND SANITY!!!! Ohhh how I have grown!
The other thing I really enjoy is my relationship with my mother, Gail! She is probably the funniest person I know and because of her hormone situation she uses foul language. Obviously not her fault! Her and my father live a remote small town which I grew up in but also my mother views as the gem of Ontario. She called me the other day saying OMG I ENTERED INTO A SWEEPSTAKES and I said oh great what does that entail, she explained that she would have the chance to win a new house in Sudbury Ontario.  So I asked her if she was willing to move there and she responded ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, THAT SHIT HOLE! It’s like what the fuck was I thinking considering she is living in the real estate prime area, Elliot Lake the number one destination place! haha hilarious.  Also today over coffee she explains that they have received a ton of snow and she had got my father a top of the line snow blower for Christmas and now all the neighbours want him to remove the snow from their driveways free of charge which has totally ticked my mother off! She said these people can shovel their own fucking driveways and they better leave her salt alone and get their own, as the conditions in Elliot Lake is icy. She also mentioned they don’t give that shit away for free. Not only did she inform me about the major criminal activities happening regarding people stealing salt from others homes but also John from up the street and said they will take anything that isn’t nailed down. Obviously these are world issues she is currently dealing with. I will have to create a whole blog on Gail soon enough, she is amazing.

Well that is all I have for today as I have things to do, lets talk later.